Dokumentis filmas "Trispalvis" sudarytas iš trijų linijų.

The Yellow line - A modern adaptation of old partisan songs by Ieva Narkute
The Green line - Cinematic re-enactments of real events that took place at the time of partisans' movement in Lithuania
The Red line - fifteen unique partisans stories. Lithuanian partisans remember the events that encouraged them to fight for freedom and life changing experiences at the time of soviet occupation.

The film is intended for a wide audience, but mostly we want to reach young people. Depending on the financial situation, our aim is to distribute DVD copies to all of Lithuanian schools locally and around the world as well as the Lithuanian military training institutions for educational purposes.

The film director: Vytautas V. Landsbergis - poet, writer, theater and film director, children's writer. He studied film directing at the Theatre Institute in Tbilisi, Jonas Mekas anthology Film Archives in New York. He has created more than two dozen films. The most famous - "President of Hope” of S. Lozoraitis, "Sabas", "When I Was a Partisan”, “Partisan’s Wife."